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The War started a decade ago when the Alloy entered our space, soon after the battles went in their favour, and we are nearing our last stand. The Superweapon is being charged, our last peoples are working in unison to power it, and we only have a short time before the Alloys will destroy us all.

We only have one attempt to accomplish this and thus the proper training is required, use this training module to run through the multiple scenarios the staff have designed, if we are lucky we can find the scenario that leaves a message to the Alloy.

Made for GGJ 2018, the theme being 'Transmission'.

Controls are shown on each screen, where the game is purely played by keyboard.

Using both tracks from '//// Whiteout' by Hinterheim http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Hinterheim/White-out/ using the CC 4.0 BY NC ND License.

Font file is https://www.dafont.com/anger-is-a-gift.font (which I think I'm going to use again as it's a pretty good CRT font.


Jam +1 Polish & Fixes 41 MB
Jam +1 Mac 40 MB
Jam Submission 35 MB

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