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An arcade game striking from the past! Score-Attack! Penguins! Eggs! Even a Dragon!

So what is it?

  • It's you, the player, against an un-ending tsunami of not-quite-happy Penguins, how long can you keep your belly full while getting some mean scores?

What's in it?

  • A variety of Penguin types - Including one that throws snowballs at you!
  • Multiple game areas that spawn as you play - Jump from the main area to another to try and get a score boost!
  • Pick-up the eggs before they hatch to get special abilities/allies for a period of time!

How do I play it?
We have a tutorial splash in-game but to summarise:

  • Movement is the standard WASD
  • To attack you mash that SPACEBAR
  • To use a picked-up egg, press the F key with the might of an Inuit!

So wait how does it play?

  • The game is a score-attack: Try and get more score than your friends before you're hunger bar runs out;
  • The problem is that the penguins are you're main way of getting that bar back up, attack and kill them and get that hunger up whilst getting a neat little dab of score.
  • However get close and they'll attack you back! Damaging you and dealing a snippet of pain to your score amount.
  • This is where speed comes into play once more - get to an egg before it hatches and you grab it for yourself!
  • If you have an egg, you'll be able to break it open, using it for a buff contained inside! Such as invincibility, or a tuna can to attract the penguins away from you for a second.
  • That isn't to say these are the only ways to get score - no, no, in fact as time goes one you may notice the other sheets of ice rise out of the ocean!
  • (Don't ask how this works)
  • On each is a different way to achieve the score of titans - Run around a maze and run your luck with the Treasure Chests inside, or run away from a Dragon as you claim it's gold!

Anything else I should know?
As a team we have attempted to test this build to the best of our abilities, but we are only so many and have only so much free time to test; So expect bugs; if you encounter any, please message us the problem and how you encountered this, sorry for any inconvenience, and we'll try to get a new build out as soon as we can.


DPH_v0d9.apk 46 MB
v1d4.zip 47 MB

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