A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Movie Scene Jam 2018 based off this scene from ALIENS:


1/2/3/4Select that drone
Q/EMove left/right between drones
5/6/7/8Order Current drone to move to Drone 1/2/3/4 respectively
W/SOrder Current drone to move forward, or turn around and move backward
A/DOrder Current drone to turn left/right
Space(When on a white square) Order Current drone to Power object, or stop powering it
FOrder Current drone to fire
ROrder Current drone to reload

You're an operative for the megacorporation 'Newman-Novus', being sent to a refinery planet to secure a facility that's stopped sending Communications, go in, use your drones to secure it, and handle any threats that appear. Be warned that some objects may have lost power, but you can use your drones to provide a temporary power source. Good luck.

Made in Unreal Engine 4

Using the Soul: City asset pack by Epic Games

Using 'Miga', 'Postal', and '457' from 'sunburst 2006-2012' by red kite from http://freemusicarchive.org/music/red_kite/sunburst_2006-2012/

Using 'Scratch Another Planet' by simtrip from https://soundcloud.com/simtrip/scratch-another-planet

Using various sound effects from Freesound.org.

Install instructions

Extract all contents to a folder of your choice, run the Exe file.


ARoutineOp Jam Submission (v5) 394 MB
ARoutineOp_Music.zip 45 MB
ARoutineOp_v4.zip 375 MB
ARoutineOp_v3.zip 373 MB
ARoutineOp_v2.zip 316 MB
ARoutineOp_v1.zip 319 MB

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