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Everything was fine, until a week ago when the power plant at PUT NAME HERE went dark - no power, no communication, like it dropped off the map.

You and the first wave of reconnaissance teams are being sent in to explore it, and figure out what's happened, before the rest of the force arrives to get things back to normal.

Inspired by the recent GMTK Jam 2019 theme "You have only one"

Note: I build using Windows, and can't guarantee the Mac/Linux builds work, sorry!


ControlKB/MGamepad (Xbox One Controller)
MovementWASDLeft Stick
Change Abilities


Using this aircraft asset from the store

Colour Palette based off this one

Using some sprite assets by KenneyNL

Used these freesound files:

With thanks to playtesting from friends, and folks on the Pixeland discord!


Lonesome Drone_b2_win64.zip 60 MB
Lonesome Drone_b2_mac.app.zip 76 MB
Lonesome Drone_b2_linuxUniv.zip 77 MB

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