You're on Mars, readying yourself for the teleportation trip home, when aliens come to break stuff! Last until the teleport fires!

WASD - Movement

Mouse Pointer - Aim

LMB - Shoot

RMB - Throw Blocker grenade

Soundtrack from FreeMusicArchive:

Made with bits and pieces from the following Kenney Assets:

  • Space Pack
  • Castle Pack
  • Racing Pack
  • Watercraft Pack
  • Fonts
  • UI Sfx
  • Rpg Sfx
  • Digital Sfx
  • UI
  • Space UI

More information

Published 90 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Action RPG, gamejam, kenneyjam, Shooter, webgl


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Download 10 MB
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Download 11 MB
Download 11 MB
Download 11 MB
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Download 21 MB


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that was really fun! Great submission!

pretty cool! I like it :)

Awesome job!  I love the blocking grenades.