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This is a basic little package that provides functionality to print subtitles onto a UGui canvas in the same vein as the Source Engine, with ease of switching between subtitle style by using ScriptableObjects.

PWYW and use in your projects, please don't upload it onto the Asset Store selling it.


  • 1.0 - basic package
  • 1.1 - added background height smoothing, basic send-message-on-function monoBehaviour with OnCollision child script, Print<Subtitle>() overload, Print summaries, delegate for when a subtitle is added/deleted
  • 1.2 - made Type overload actually do something, added Frame subtitle limiter & buffer, added editor scripting, added Index to the Frame events and added a couple more of them for use
  • 1.3 - added commentary bubble, made a basic singleton child of SubtitleFrame, added return data struct from Print function
  • 1.4 - upgrade to 5.6, have fixed a couple of issues but some other odd ones appeared, will try to fix them at some point
  • 1.4.3 - upgrade to 2020.1, that's it, just checking if it still works (it does!)

To Be Added (At some point)

  • Storyboard reader (reads through a given set of text onto the subtitler)

Known Issues

  • 5.6: Subtitles randomly stop fading in and lock up, I have no idea why this is happening
  • 5.6: Attaching a Canvas next to the SubtitleFrame and it's associated Layout components will break rendering for the Frame and it's children when it spawns in a Subtitle.
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SteamTitles 1.0 (Unitypackage) 59 kB
SteamTitles 1.3 (Unitypackage - 5.5) 165 kB
SteamTitles 1.4 (Unitypackage - 5.6) 177 kB
SteamTitles 1.4.3 (2020) 181 kB

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Hello. First of all, this package is great!
But it seem that won't work on Unity 5.6.

Oh boy, thanks for the heads up! This is a weird one, as it's due to the Canvas component next to the Frame (+ it's other components)

Hey - I've fixed the main issue with the 5.6 upgrade in 1.4, but have come across some other issues, sadly I don't have the time to fix them properly but it should at least give you the basic functionality back.