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Day of Maintenance is a small open world truck-sim driving game with gay robots in it; as you drive around the world you fix up rusting satellite installations with your truck's crane, and you chat with your fellow robots in a Visual-Novel esque fashion.


  • A 180,000kg repair truck to drive around, with the ability to walk around outside the truck
  • 4 Acts of robots talking about their identities, and otherwise pointless work-banter dialogue to experience
  • 1 (extremely cute) robot boyfriend, 6 workmates, and plenty other characters to chat with along the way
  • A truck cockpit with far too much HUD to process at once, all of which is active in some form as you drive around the world


A Day of Maintenance is a new, unusual kind of exploration game, taking cues from In Other Waters, 17776, Signal from Tolva, and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

It's trying to go for something a little different: Why not make a game that's deliberately mundane? Why not make a game where you chat whilst driving? (turns out there's a reason for that second one: managing input between driving/fixing & chatting in a VN system is a little tricky!)

The game itself is aiming to hit that "this is mundane, but in a good way" niche of a mood - where you & your workmates are chewing the fat whilst getting on with your tasks for the day.

In a sentence, if you've ever found yourself thinking:

"I want a kind-of-technical driving game with a little gay romance but also some discussion over robot worker consciousness. (With crane operation gameplay)"

This game is for you.


I'm a generalist gamedev who likes to branch the code/art disciplines, using Unity in my day-job for the past 6 or so years. I say that I've worked 'on the outskirts' of the games industry for this time - doing VR experiences, an iOS adventure game with an interesting technology, and most recently arcade games set in new high-tech venue.

Day of Maintenance is my 2nd gamejam-turned-full-release, where A Forgetful Loop was my first "real" attempt at making an indie game; this game takes lessons from that project, then overscopes the hell out of it to become this weird thing.

To finish this, I'd implore you to read up on the info for the other team members, notably Freya, who helped to bring this project to life back in January/February across our various weekend narrative chats.

Contact email: bighandinsky@gmail.com



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