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Our timeline is fucked

"The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end"

We need you to go back in time to fix things. We have a way of putting you back there, and we know what the key events are. You need to travel through the timelines fixing the events before the Present, then return home safely.

Good luck, traveller.

What do I need to play?

"Do you have anything important going on at work today?"

You'll need:

  • A pencil/pen, & a piece of paper
  • Or something like Paint to draw on
  • Some dice, or have random.org open

This game is deliberately simple 'n short, with a bunch of modifiers to add difficulty.

There's also a page to help play the game as an RPG, if you wanted to roll your a one-shot time-looping adventure.

Around & Around

Like this & want more time-travelling gaming? Have a look at my sci-fi time-looping puzzle game: A Forgetful Loop


A Twist in our Timelines.pdf 4 MB
Initial Draft.txt 4 kB

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