Build 1!

And it, has, dropped!

My very first attempt at making a purely BL interactive-fiction game is out! I've been working on it for the past couple weeks: some 14K words, 2 PEAs, and a project refresh (thanks to unity HDRP being useless for terrain work), I have this unusual little thing.

Now of course me-being-me, it's not as simple as just an IF game, so this is a hybrid of a walking game with IF; Basically it follows what I'm attempting with Day of Maintenance, but on a much smaller, simpler scale: having conversations play out whilst you move around the world doing stuff.

I hope you all enjoy these two little idiots chatter!

What's next?

So I'm not 100% done with the game, I still have ideas for it, so across the rest of August (i.e. rest of Yaoijam) I'll be adding some more to it:

  • Some more chats, to help make the heart ending more achievable / explore the relationship some more.
  • Revisions to the current chats - basically adding more choices & threads to the intro, starting chat, and some other chats to help make 'em all more interesting (and of course: typo fixes)
  • More terrain & details, try to get the space feeling more cosy, especially for the ending locations.
  • Another iteration on the PEA models - give them some more detail, flavour, & textures maybe.
  • More audio
  • ??? and other little things, I want to try and implement more behaviours for the PEAs - emotes, looking around, that sort of thing (maybe even get them reacting along with the stories! But that's a lot easier said than done, so no promises)
  • Settings menu (didn't do this yet because I just didn't feel like the admin for this first version rn)

Anyway, that's plans, but they may all fall apart, so who knows!

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Version b2 Aug 17, 2021 92 MB
Version b2 Aug 17, 2021 99 MB
Version b2 Aug 17, 2021

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