Heyyy everyone.

It's been a minute since I touched this project (because of life stuff, and also a general "eh" mood). But I've got a list of little touches for the game, along with some fixes.

  • Added the ability to hug Snap (the cutest nerd), this may trigger a chat too, if you keep at it
  • Added a chat for when you fall into the water
  • Added a splash clarifying this game doesn't have a save/load feature
  • Added camera zoom-out when moving around
  • Added UI to show progress towards all work/all love endings
  • Added particle effect after you unlock the love ending, that scales in pace as you get closer to a valid point
  • Fixed love ending triggering on 3 love chats, not 4 as was intended
  • Disabled DOF post-processing effect

There's plenty of things on my todo list; but I'm most likely going to leave the project here, as I want to return to Day of Maintenance, & all that entails.

Happy scanning!


two-peas-windows-x64.zip 78 MB
Version b3 Sep 04, 2021
two-peas-osx.zip 92 MB
Version b3 Sep 04, 2021
two-peas-linux-x64.zip 99 MB
Version b3 Sep 04, 2021

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