"So, what's the plan?"

And it's out! So far the response has been alright - I think the game could've done with a bit more of a run-up to release, but I'm happy with seeing the analytics roll in.

Anyway, I promised a little update for what's to come, so here's the gist of what I have planned:

  1. Listen out for any immediate issues, roll out patches as needed.
  2. Come the 18th, I've still got the gamejam levels/writing in the project, and want to update them to work in the new build as a little extra. I'm looking to also add some real challenging levels, for those that want some very technically-demanding levels.
  3. After that, I'll be spending a few weeks adding in Achievements, with a mix of progression & technical ones to grab.
  4. Then, it'll be a road to getting the game onto steam & other storefronts. At the moment I have it tentatively written down as late October, but this may (will) change.

And after that we'll see! I think the game will be in a well-rounded state by the time it hits steam (will be publishing the page later this week), and hopefully I can fit in some other fun extras too.

Otherwise, look forward to some devlogs as this all passes, covering a few aspects of making a "full" game, compared to a small gamejam project.

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