Build 41

This build adds an error dialog that shows when your persistence/achievements/settings file wasn't loaded correctly.

Right now I'm doing a really basic saving/loading system of "just write to text, then load it". There's no backup system or anything, so sadly (as I'm focusing my time on Day of Maintenance) I've only got the brute-force approach: reset the file & quit the app.

As part of ADoM's development I'll build in some kind of backup system to address this, then I'll backport it to AFL. Part of why this isn't an instant fix is because I need to engineer some more safeguards (as well as the whole backup thing), and that AFL is now getting pretty old behind-the-scenes, so I really want to avoid updating the unity project/source

In case you do encounter this issue, for your game progress, there's an Unlock All button in Settings > Persistence which unlocks everything in the game, so you can jump back to where you were & carry on. Kind of.

(For settings, it'll just reset everything to defaults. You'll probably see the window flicker when in the splash screen when this occurs)

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Version b41 Jun 15, 2021 199 MB
Version b41 Jun 15, 2021 203 MB
Version b41 Jun 15, 2021

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