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A Forgetful Loop

A time-looping worker-placement puzzle game · By BigHandInSky


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Forgetful Loop: Two Years Later
Hey everyone, It's now been 2 years since I've released this game, and to continue my little tradition of writing some long-form thoughts on these anniversaries...
Build 42
Hey folks, this is a small patch build which aims to address the tutorial soft lock with a mallet-shaped fix: for the game's tutorial (level 2), if you've start...
3 files — b42
Build 41
This build adds an error dialog that shows when your persistence/achievements/settings file wasn't loaded correctly. Right now I'm doing a really basic saving/l...
3 files — b41
One Year Later
My god, it's been a whole year since GMTK2020 ? And GMTK2021 is this weekend? Now? Wow. Going into that jam, I had three ideas that were on my mind: I wanted to...
3 files — b40
Build 40
Hey folks, just a teeny patch with this one: Changed text of camera button in settings to be a little clearer Removed "Found a bug?" button from the menu as I h...
3 files — b40
Build 39
Fix leaving halfway through Level 2 soft-locking other levels Fix Level 3 being selectable if you haven't completed Level 2 Fix Level 2 not checking whether you...
3 files — b39
Making your story look good
So in Forgetful Loop is a whooooole bunch of story, built with the Ink scripting language . We've got approximately 16,000 words in the game, so it's probably w...
Final Build
Well here it is, the final build of the game for the foreseeable future - each group now has another interlude story, thanks to Freya; and there's a slew of fix...
3 files — b34
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Last post
Hey, this is a thread for reporting issues with the game, such as: Bugs Difficult/Impossible Levels Typos etc. Please ke...
started by BigHandInSky Sep 03, 2020
23 replies
Please read through in case your issue is present here, if not, then post in the bugs thread. Issues Log Files can be fo...
started by BigHandInSky Oct 18, 2020
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Build 38 (someone forgot to fill these notes out for the previous builds, so just imagine rows & rows of fixes/changes)...
started by BigHandInSky Sep 03, 2020
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I really like this game, but [couldn't] get a handle of the [default] control scheme. I have to stop playing in the 2nd...
started by originaloriginal Jun 15, 2022
2 replies