Build 42

Hey folks, this is a small patch build which aims to address the tutorial soft lock with a mallet-shaped fix: for the game's tutorial (level 2), if you've started it, it will now immediately mark itself as complete, rather than requiring you to go through all the steps.

This is here to workaround the soft-lock where: if you've somehow gone a few steps too quickly at once, the tutorial would break and leave you in a soft-locked state.

Which is weird, because in-editor, and when I try to reproduce it, the code underlying the tutorial just works, and continues gracefully.

So yeah, mallet-shaped fix, because I don't have the energy to dig into a nebulous bug right now (nor ever).

Happy looping!

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Version b42 Jul 14, 2021 199 MB
Version b42 Jul 14, 2021 203 MB
Version b42 Jul 14, 2021

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