Adding world props

Hey everyone, just posting another few screenshots as the project continues: this time I'm beginning the process of adding some greybox props & other geometry to the scene, starting to figure out scale & give some sense of size.

Turns out: everything is a liiiiiiiiittle oversized, the final scene especially. But oh well, that's something future me can figure out (most likely by slighting reducing the height/size of the player truck, that way you'll be closer to the ground and able to take it all in... or not? Dunno)

I'm taking cues from a satellite dish arrays, and abandoned sites like the Berkeley power station. More to come, but what I want to hit is all these structures you pass by when travelling on the motorway/highway somewhere; that's what this game is looking to evoke - the sense of driving around a large space looking at stuff idly as you drive by, stopping off at some specific places to fix a couple issues. Then moving on to the next.

Get A Day of Maintenance (Jam Version)

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