Character Teaser

Hey folks, so the game is now in the midst of it's first playtest (which is, as usual, scary). After a manic rush to get things sorted, a better tutorial & introduction in place, it's feeling much more robust of an experience.

With that, after a short break (easter bank holiday weekend whooo), we'll now be into the swing of the main development - more content, more fixes, more models; just filling this thing to the brink with all the good stuff (and making more things break)

The main thing incoming - that I've kept sort of quiet - is that there'll be another character you talk to throughout the game, one that hopefully you'll build up some emotions for. His nickname is Orby, and here's a fun teaser render from a rigging test:

In the coming months I'll try to get together a fun snippet video of him in his unity scene, showing off some of the Ink story dialogue.

Until then, save the full game to your collection, have a safe orbit!

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