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A Day of Maintenance

An open world driving game with gay robots in it · By BigHandInSky


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ADoM is in the Hand Eye FESTival!
Heeeeello folks! So I have wonderful news: Day of Maintenance is a part of the Hand Eye society's Super FESTival thing going on! You can check out the (AMAZING)...
So how does Orby work?
Hey folks, So waaaaaaay back in the long-forgotten past of *checks notes* err. a month-and-a-couple-days-ago I ran a poll for what folks wanted my next dev arti...
Queer Games Bundle 2022 is live!
It's here! And Day of Maintenance is a part of it! If you were holding out for a sale to get the game, this is your best bet imo: you get this game, along with...
Build 47
Hey folks, this is another quick patch to fix a couple trophy issues (and off the bat: sorry about causing undue replaying to unlock it!) Fix platinum trophy no...
3 files — b47
Build 46
Hey folks, another patch build here, this one changes the following: Add some more barks to act 1 Block hint from being activated during act 1's intro Fix crane...
3 files — b46
Build 45
Hey folks, This is a minor patch to fix a couple minor issues, typos, and introduce a new feature to the menu to help track your progress: Fix a minor UI bug in...
3 files — b45
A Day of Maintenance is now live!
Yup! It's out! And boy, I'm real proud of what we made here. I've taken the time to write up my thoughts in slightly more detail here on medium ; but the gist?...
6 files — b44
Ok actually the final demo build this time(?)
Hey folks, This patch fixes an issue with the text vanishing in the UI as you scroll or play through stories. It also includes a couple other changes, notably...
3 files
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This is a general reporting thread for issues. Before you post, double check that your issue isn't already explained in...
started by BigHandInSky Jul 03, 2021
23 replies
Please read through in case your issue is present here, if not, then post in the bugs thread. "What content, if any, sho...
started by BigHandInSky Jul 03, 2021
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I'm trying to get to one of the problem sites in Act II, site "[REDACTED}"- it's on an isolated mountain, with a valley...
started by Levana 4 days ago
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Nice to see you again this year. Please remember to fill out the form.
started by Taylor McCue 15 days ago
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Green robot was available to call, I called and then accidentally immediately hung up. What have I done?
started by Levana 51 days ago
1 reply
Enjoying the game so far, but I've hit a roadblock in Act 3. I can't figure out how to access the last terminal I need t...
started by stationktkr Oct 05, 2022
2 replies