Ok actually the final demo build this time(?)

Hey folks,

This patch fixes an issue with the text vanishing in the UI as you scroll or play through stories.

It also includes a couple other changes, notably:

  • adding an icon to the Site Issues List to help denote what is needed to be fixed
  • couple new behaviour toggles in the settings menu, for toggling CCTV camera feed behaviour, and whether moving the mouse moves your camera during a chat when in the truck
  • when using keyboard, display 1-6 next to the crane segment sliders

With some other bugfixes and what-not behind the scenes

Sorry! Happy fixing.


Demo Windows x64 618 MB
Version 7 Apr 17, 2022
Demo MacOS 626 MB
Version 8 Apr 17, 2022
Demo Linux x64 642 MB
Version 7 Apr 17, 2022

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