(Hopefully the) Final Demo Update

Hey folks!

So I uploaded a new series of demo builds last night, and hopefully this is the last time I'll need to do that.

Since build 30 a whole ton of stuff has changed - usability, bugfixes, optimisations, typos, and more and more AND MORE.

Now: onto the final push.


If you're super keen to get into the game, well good news! We have a short story now available here: The Logs from Iapetus! Have a looksie!

Set on the distant moon of Iapetus, this short story written by Julian K Jarboe tells the story of another robot, and their experience working on the colony as it goes through some tumultuous times.

This was a fun little side-project by myself & Julian, and I hope it enriches your idea of the world of Day of Maintenance! Here's hoping we can write another short story for y'all to enjoy.

See you on the 22nd for the full release yeah?


Demo Windows x64 618 MB
Version b38 Apr 15, 2022
Demo MacOS 626 MB
Version b38 Apr 15, 2022
Demo Linux x64 642 MB
Version b38 Apr 15, 2022

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