Build 45

Hey folks,

This is a minor patch to fix a couple minor issues, typos, and introduce a new feature to the menu to help track your progress:

  • Fix a minor UI bug in Act 2, where the final site's fix zones would show in the UI before they're enabled
  • Another fix attempt at the OnFoot camera, where if you used a terminal, sometimes it would gimbal-lock and flip around before returning to normal up/down look behaviour
  • Fix an IK/Visual bug in Act 3
  • Added Stories button to main menu, which has a list of all the chats you can encounter in each Act, with a hint on how to encounter them (this is here mainly to help track which ones you haven't got for certain achievements)
  • Typo fix
  • Fix an Ink issue in Act 2

That's all for now, see you later for a devlog on how Orby's character controller & Emotes are scripted!



Windows x64 893 MB
Version b45 May 02, 2022
MacOS 901 MB
Version b45 May 02, 2022
Linux x64 923 MB
Version b45 May 02, 2022

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