Looking ahead

It's now been just over a week since releasing the demo, and it's breen great to see the numbers roll in!

As said in my post, I'm going to be taking a short break from the project, but I figured I would help set some expectations for what's coming:

  • I've got the camera angles and storyboards for a trailer ready. It'll be a mood-setter rather than gameplay, but it'll be nice to get something on the youtubes.
  • We're writing in-world news excerpts & snippets from the years before the game's date, which I'm having so much fun drafting up. These'll be posted over the weeks as we slowly crawl to release, giving you some of that crunchy world-building we all love chewing on.
  • Maybe a couple more techy devblogs, with words and code in it!
  • And an update to the demo, as we get closer to release.

There's also ~other ideas~ but I'll keep those quiet until we actually settle on 'em.

In terms of when the release date is, we now have a date in mind - but I'll announce that when we get closer to it! (and when we have a 1.0 of the content).

Happy fixing & stay safe.


Demo Windows x64 618 MB
Version b22 Jul 19, 2021
Demo MacOS 626 MB
Version b22 Jul 19, 2021
Demo Linux x64 642 MB
Version b22 Jul 19, 2021

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