The view from New Port

Posted August 2nd, 2060

When you step off the train, you walk face-first into the cauldron that is New Port: it's arid (but there's a breeze), it's smoggy (but breathers and ventiliation are plentiful), but you also hit the electricity of this pop-up city. This buzz has something to it that other cities don't, where it's more than something you see in a district, or a borough; no, it's an all-encompassing thing here.

I've been to basically every city on Earth during my tenure running this account, but New Port has this intensity not unlike other industry-towns-turned-hotspots, where the work is hard & the need to decompress rises to match. It's not just clubs or boxing rings, it's like everything here needs to go hard - even popping into (the one) vintage store, the clothes there are hard-wearing clothes, none of the frilly stuff (but there are frilly little things dotted around)

Why is it this way here? Well: space industry, duh.

With spaceships overhead always, the dockyards in the distance are constantly running - you can hear the hum, crash, whine, screech of motors literally anywhere in this place (yes, it makes sleeping really hard. But the locals say you get used to it, get ear plugs, or leave). Everything is in service of the massive spaceships, or in service of keeping those services running 110% - hell even most restaurants have a Space-something on their menu (yes, it's weird).

So why am I here? Well exciting news! I'm partnering up with @spacerfacts to do a series on space travel & the landscape around it. For me that's the city itself, and it's location of being positioned in just the right place to have little weather change: it's almost always clear, not too windy, and hot. All that is (fairly) conducive to the space industry, where little change is good change as far as I'm told.

Another quick fact - the heat & UV scale is almost always on the high here, so how do people work (and why)? Well it may surprise you that this is one of the highest-rated cities for infrastructure! Every building has to meet a series of regulations to ensure livability, and because of the space-faring, there's €€€€ to be spent on matching that for the Execs (and everyone else I guess, lucky us!)

A weird quirk of this bill is new arrivals (even me just stepping off the train for a holiday) get pestered with discounts for X, Y or Z health insurance/breather/AC guarantee. The competition is fierce as it turns out!

Anyway, this is just the first of a load of posts from us two,
And as always, here's a quote from some local graffiti:

"NP is our hell
when ships land, gods hammer is they
slowly falling, implied great damage
but they stop before the drop
what if they fell instead?"


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