Who are the truck gang?

Hey folks! Time for a new devlog, this one is partly inspired by me wanting to shed some light on some of the robots you'll be interacting with during your time in Day of Maintenance (aaaand it's also because people voted for it on my twitter poll 😁)

Now then: who are the truck gang?

Let’s start with GC-53AN, or “Ground”, the player character - who’s a stoic, pretty direct guy-robot. He inherited an MSSIRT from a human operator, and parts of that may have rubbed off on this deadpan fella. You somehow struck lucky when waiting for a routine check-up by meeting OA-R8YE (Orby), and then... well you just kept in touch, then kept chatting, and now you two are close boyfriends 🤖💌🤖

But what about the other robots?

Well, starting with (my favourite):

Who is usually kept in line (but in a gentle way) by:

Now Jamie-Jane is a pretty old lady. But she isn't the oldest 'bot on the crew, that mantle goes to:

But who's the 'youngest' of the lot?

One interesting idea we toy with in-game is the idea of "Fascinations", where robots develop a thing they get extremely interested in. This can sometimes be lost, or dulled, or plain switched after a routine refurbishment occurs. These 'refurbs' occur every 5 years - the healthy lifetime of a normal robot's wetware. Garamond is a crew-member who recently went through that:

And finally, we have one last member:


And that’s it! It’s been long enough that I genuinely don’t recall when we brought in the truck gang characters, but you can thank spdrcstl for that. I know I had fun drawing their portraits.

Anyways. That's another blip in the timeline leading up to release (on APRIL 22ND), hope you all are hype!

Happy fixing.


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