Mood Trailer release & PYG update

Hello robots!

Today is a big day: the mood trailer is now up!

It feels good to get some footage out there - we have the Gameplay trailer in production now too, so MDay will have double the trailers of Forgetful Loop!

Now, this is a major announcement too, so what else is there to chat about? Well, PitchYaGame is coming up tomorrow (which, if you could help to like/retweet it, that'd be swell!), and as part of getting my pitch ready, you may have noticed the demo has had an update!

This update adds a ton of little improvements and tweaks I've been doing across the past couple months since the first version - too many to count - so if you haven't played the Demo? Now is a good time to jump in and see what Day of Maintenance has in store for you.

For those journalists or media-types out there, there's now a Presskit() available too.

Happy fixing everyone. 



Demo Windows x64 618 MB
Version b23 Nov 01, 2021
Demo MacOS 626 MB
Version b23 Nov 01, 2021
Demo Linux x64 642 MB
Version b23 Nov 01, 2021

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