The First Big One

Huge amount of work done, and the driving is most of the way there to completion, here's the big list:

  • Craft Physics at a good state now, it's a bit less rock'n'roll, snappier to control, has some depth to it:
    • Forces in general have been increased a little, and the craft is snappier to control
    • Craft now turns constantly until a wing clips into a surface, so you can use this to do some tricks to turn on a shorter angle
    • Craft now torques upwards if the nose clips into a surface, and reduces acceleration, to force the craft to right itself when climbing up angles
    • Ship wiggle has been reduced, it's still present because I like it, but hopefully it's less motion-sickening
    • Collisions should be less impactful, with some more bounce to it
    • Collisions should be more accurate as I've upped the iteration count, so less false impacts as you hover around
  • If you are upright on the ground, the craft will pause controls and flip over, this is a little sudden so apologies if in VR it's nauseating
  • Following that, an accidental feature I've added is wall climbing, so expect some fun with that in future level design, I'll let people work out how to do it :P
  • Tweaked Post-Processing effects:
    • Disabled AO for now
    • Enabled Motion Blur, however it blurs the UI a bit, will look into this later
  • Worked on the pivoting code:
    • Softened the movement some more
    • Added X/Z axis rotation to the camera movement softening
    • When airborne the camera will rotate back to face the front of the craft
  • Ship Hud's have been moved about a bit, and I've made the right hud into a physics readout screen, to give a hint to what the ship is doing
  • Minimap now rotates the ship as well as positioning it, to help give an idea of what rotation you're at
  • Game UI has had an overall small pass to unify it a little
  • Added game modes and selection for them, your choices are:
    • Freeroam - as before
    • Arrow - race through some points to a goal
    • Boomerang - race through points, to a goal, then back to the hub
    • Dakar - race through every point and goal in the world, in any order, then back to the hub, good luck with this one :D
  • Added a few more shortcuts
  • Polishing of routes and culling of some areas you could get stuck in

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Jan 07, 2018

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