First Final Map

So after a week of just looking at  it and tweaking, here's what I've ended up with. Each area has 2 main routes to get to the beacon, alongside a few sub-routes across it; where otherwise you can climb up, then glide down to a lower area.

One problem I still want to figure out in the map (or it might be solved through shortcuts/physics changes) is the same problem I found with Paradise, which is there are only a few rings around the world, and the optimal route is the outer ring from area to area (for example from the Belcher to the Chalet, it's a shorter line than otherwise. Now in theory, this will be fixed by using the red points, that force you to take a path to them before going to the goals, but I'm still somewhat worried that over time, only a few roads will be used, so most likely I'll need to work in a Heatmap analytics tool to get data on where people travel.

Anyway this is the first draft, and I'll be aiming to make a start on it this weekend, or at least the hub and a sandbox area for physics testing.

As a bonus, here's a progress gif, here's to 2018, and a new racing game :D

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